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Lee Lourdeaux has been counselling individuals, couples, and children for twenty years. He is registered with his professional board for private practice in these three areas (#3263), and has over 500 hours of post-graduate training.

After working with a variety of approaches, he now prefers Narrative Therapy because of its proven usefulness.. You thoroughly investigate a problem to understand exactly when, where, and how it influences your life. At other moments you stand on the territory of your values, skills, and hopes. There you secure for yourself a larger landscape from which to see your chosen direction in life.

This approach assumes that the stories you repeat to yourself, whether from parents, peers, or society, continue to shape your identity. What’s more, you're not the problem; the problem is the problem. This shift of focus frees you for a non-shameful, collaborative conversation.

In sync with Narrative Therapy are mindfulness practices to catch the beauty of small things--moment by moment. These practices develop greater relaxation in the body/mind, acceptance of whatever comes your way, and gratitude for all that surrounds you. Sometimes even for problems.